(How/Why &When)

Project Management & Owner Representation

Industrial Investment projects vary to cover all fields and activities….besides,… it is known that any industrial investment project usually consists of the following main parties:

This owner always has his previous permanent activity and basic work, which in turn does not enable him to devote himself to the task of studying and implementing the new project to be worked on.

The party is responsible for preparing the necessary engineering designs for the project / and to supervise and follow up the execution works of the implementation in the site (which is a pure technical performance and it is always preferred not to add upon with additional burdens due to its constant need for accuracy and focus to obtain the highest quality of the implementation of the project besides the lack of know-how often towards organizational, administrative, financial and logistical matters closely related to the establishment of industrial projects that consume a lot of time and effort and need professional dealings.

He is the executor of the project whether it is a general contractor or a group of specialized contractors.

Whether it is one main supplier or a group of specialized suppliers.

These are the entities responsible for Issuing the necessary licenses, permits and approvals for the project before, during and after the start of the project and include for example (Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation and its various organizations – Ministry of Trade and Industry and its various organizations – Industrial Development Authority – Civil Defense Department – Environmental Affairs Agency – Egyptian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Industrial Chambers – Local authorities – ……. etc.).

So it is obvious that Since it is necessary to coordinate between all the above mentioned entities, there should be a specialized body with the task of coordinating and following up between all the previous parties and working professionally to ensure the efficiency, integrity and coherence of the procedures and stages of the implementation of the project.

Unfortunately, these coordination work is often entrusted to a person or a subordinate department already at the owner house, regardless of the availability of experience in such works or not,……….. It may be the basic work of this person/entity with the owner as a (financial manager, managing director, maintenance department manager, etc.). Where he is already busy and loaded with his basic work and does not have enough additional time to carry out the coordination and follow-up work with the high efficiency necessary for the success of the project…….. In addition to that…….the maximum previous experience…..will not ever exceed the viewing or supervision of the establishment of one/two/three factories at the most and therefore the expected result is often the loss of time, effort and money and may reach the catastrophic limit of overlapping specializations and the subsequent delay of the project and increased costs by what may sometimes reach to double the amount allocated, in the preliminary feasibility study.

It is well known that in any area of management there must be two parameters for measurement …..Time unit & Cost unit … Where recent studies in the project management have confirmed that each activity must have a time plan followed by follow-up implementation and this is the essence of project management where the work of plans means nothing without careful follow-up where there is a need to have an authentic party entrusted to do so, which is known as(project manager /Owner representative) performing the work in full coordination of the technical and administrative matters of the project in its various stage.
The other unit is the cost unit which is to be mentioned by the preparation of a financial overall cost study for the project as well as a firm cash flow program and again….follow-up during the project.

From our long experience … we monitored that The importance of the project manager / owner representative sometimes is viral…  whenever some special cases apply such as:

A- Dealing with foreign entities where the situation is more difficult and requires different transactions (due to the different work culture and artistic language and the resulting possibilities of misperception in some cases).

C- Various banking transactions and loans, which necessitates the preparation of the cash flow plan and the submission of periodic documents indicating this.

B- Merging the supply of machinery and product lines……….(especially when they are supplied from various parties) and the necessary work to integrate them with the construction works to compress time & work in a parallel sequence .

D- Existence of dealings with government authorities to finalize approvals and permits .

Based on all of the above… The integrated business proposal of the project manager/owner representative can be summarized on an itemized scale as follows:


To carry out the procedures of establishing the company as soon as its formation is new, including the company’s contract – approvals of the Industrial Development Authorities – approvals of the Governmental Investment Authority – extraction of commercial/industrial register – tax card – insurance file -…… etc.).


Preparing the preliminary feasibility study of the project with the owner in partnership with his experts in the industry of the project and includes the preliminary study to determine the estimated area of land needed for the construction of the project as well as the general parameters of the site to be chosen as well as the selection of the best sites / Specifications for the land of the project.


Choosing & appointing a general consultant for the project to prepare studies and engineering designs in principle / detailed designs necessary for the export of licenses and permits of construction / calculation sheets / operating and implementation plans conditions and general and special specifications / quantities measurements in the form of Bill Of Quantities / ….. In all areas of construction covering (civil works – metal works – sanitary work – electrical works – utilities and networks – fire alarm and firefighting works – ….. For all the components of the building, including for example (main production buildings- workshop buildings – water and fuel tanks – administrative buildings – service buildings – warehouses for the end product & raw materials spare parts stores – tanks / silos …….. etc.).


In coordination with the general consultant of the project…. to select and perform the contract with the general contractor of the project or the group of specialized contractors in accordance with the general position of the project to complete the construction works.


Follow-up contracts concluded by the owner with the equipment and production line suppliers and ensure full coordination towards the shipping/arrival/supply dates to the site…… followed by the subsequent installation, operation and experimentation and taking into account the necessary integration of these activities with the construction activities to ensure the parallel workflow.


Preparing the necessary documents for customs clearance and ensuring peaceful accounting for the customs item of incoming equipment with the possibility of obtaining exemptions or refunds of taxes and fees paid.


Ensure that all activities of the project are planned and monitored such as (construction /administration / supply of equipment / connecting facilities /………etc.) periodically in the form of a business statement / mission statement / follow-up statement to ensure tight coordination during the project.


Follow-up contracts’ works with the official authorities in relation to the facilities and connecting them to the public networks of the industrial zone.


Follow up the installation works of the equipment, production lines and the prior processing and delivery of facilities to the site…..making sure to start smoothly the trial operations until the final operations and delivery and handing over it to the crew.


To assist in the preparation of the administrative and technical staff necessary for the operation of the plant, especially from the locals in the area where the project is located, as much as possible to reduce the costs of transporting and subsistence workers.


Preparing integrated sets of documents and records for project management and include (that in the master plan of the site and its various modifications and revision during the work in addition to the general time schedule of the project and its continuous adaptation accompanied with the regular revised cash flow).


Preparing periodic follow-up programs (daily- weekly- monthly) with the scheduling of periodic meetings with variable levels of attendance for follow-up all project elements and to insure the progress of the project in the planned time.


Preparing a full administrative file to obtain operating licenses, including preparing the necessary approvals from various entities (Environmental Affairs Agency, Civil Defense Department / Military Security Service / Ministry of Antiquities- Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation – …………. etc.) to obtain the necessary official documents and operation licenses.

At the end…The owner shall be handed over an integrated project from a constructional and administrative point of view with a set of integrated and accurate documents and records that will enable him to start his activity with complete success… and mainly & most important in the expected time with the expected cost calculated in his premlinary study & imagination .